How To Get Linkedin Likes Tips & Guide

Making a LinkedIn post of your resume is one option to let your network know you’re in the market for a job while also getting feedback. The bot will also get feedback from its customers. Stay relevant and on topic, and your audience will love you for it. So when I create the post, I add the link to limped and create a few dozens of relevant comments that other lenders will automatically leave on my content. Your best content has already proven itself on one platform. Engage with your content. As we said earlier, we don’t recommend posting your resume to your LinkedIn profile like this. Great-fit candidates who probably don’t need convincing to come and work for you are often followers of your LinkedIn Company Page – with the LinkedIn Recruiter account, you get to search your LinkedIn company page followers for keywords that match your hiring needs and start with engaged prospects before having to move on to cold leads.

Your work experience and summary won’t be perfectly tailored to the job you’re interested in. Still, they’ll serve well enough as an introduction for any recruiter interested in you. The more you know about this industry and what to look for, the better you will do. The more personal your note, the better. You can see that a search for “email marketing” returns more than 900 results and hundreds of thousands of users. Will do more harm than good as a job seeker. It’s not as good as email marketing in this regard, but it can still drive a few hundred to a few thousand visits, which isn’t too shabby. Not to mention that it allows you to customize your resume for each job application, which is always a good idea.

For example, my niche is for Job Search: I share job search strategies on all my social media platforms that not many have heard of,  free Consulting resources. Despite LinkedIn being used for professional networking, there are still a lot of benefits attached to having a strong, impressive LinkedIn profile. Therefore, the PPC campaigns help increase the impact of “organic” publications on Linkedin. Method two of uploading your resume to LinkedIn involves using the “Easy Apply” feature. We’ll cover the “Featured Media” method first, although we find it less useful than linkedjetpack Easy Apply. On top of that, you can list your work experience elsewhere on your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters won’t notice an uploaded photo nearly as much as a regularly updated work history section on your LinkedIn profile.