A sweet and endearing Telugu version of Molly woods Android Kunjappa: Android Kattappa

A sweet and endearing Telugu version of Molly woods Android Kunjappa: Android Kattappa

Mollywood has been recently coming up with some of the best movies that are deeply touching the hearts of its viewers. Android Kattappa is one of the best comedy movies online and you can watch the Android Kattappa movie online on Aha. This is a must watch comedy drama film with the touch of emotion to it. It shows how much a technology could change a human being’s life.


The story begins with a father and son relationship between BhaskarPoduval and Subramanian aka Chubban. BhaskarPoduval is an old man who is stubborn towards his own way of life. He always opposes the growing technology and sees it as a danger for human evolution. He never takes the help of technology even in his daily routine for any work, he does all of his work with his own hands. As a mechanical engineer, Chubban gets an offer in a japanese company that resides in Russia for which he has to transfer. His father will not agree as he feels that those are his last days and he wants his son to be beside him. Old man doesn’t want to die without anyone to take care of him. Chubban appoints a woman who does all the work and leaves to russia. But Chubban’s friend calls from the village and tells that the woman he appointed is not good for the old man. Chubban being worried, his girlfriend Hitomi, whom he got into a relationship with in his work, helps him. Hitmoni shows an AI robot that helped her father during his last days of Alzheimer’s. Chubban goes back to the village and offers the robot to his father. At the beginning, BhaskarPoduval ignores the robot but as the time goes on, he starts to connect with the robot and gives him a name Kattappa. Robot starts to learn things from Poduval and starts to serve him to his needs. They both connect so much that Poduval starts considering him as a son. This enrages Chubban and he thinks that such an emotional relationship with a robot will only lead to more serious problems.So he quits the job in Russia and returns to stay with his father. Some problems occur between father and son and what happens to the AI robot when he faces problems in the village’s society is what you should know after watching this movie.

Technical Aspects:

  • This film was shot in a small village which makes it more complex for makers yet they did a wonderful job.
  • The screenplay of the film was done so clearly that any viewer will just get lost in the story.
  • Music and BGM are very less as the story runs more but did their part in hitting the emotions.

Cast and Crew:

Actors: SurajVenjaramoodu, KendyZirdo, SoubinShahir

Director: RatheeshBalakrishnanPoduval

Producer: Santosh T. Kuruvilla

Music: Bijibal

Writer: RatheeshBalakrishnanPoduval

This is a comedy drama movie that you can find in latest Telugu movies online on aha and you can watch Android Kattappa movie online only on Aha.

Being A Star In Your Industry Is A Matter Of Gambling

Being A Star In Your Industry Is A Matter Of Gambling

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If any of them doesn’t provide this, we will inform you in any of our reviews. Apart from this, the new floorings, which are cheaper and broadly utilized in slot88 homes, are best for a man on the road because of its cost. One of the best use of the terrazzo is indeed in industrial buildings. Moreover, the Masonic temples present terrazzo as a vital component of their tradition. Even the stays of these buildings show it. The Christian churches show the use of terrazzo in them. In religious establishments, the terrazzo is used greatest. It may be used in homes, malls, and different industrial buildings like airports, casinos, religious institutions, etcetera. Industrial buildings like airports, malls, casinos have to be lavishly decorated.

Most religions or cultures have the terrazzo as their age-old tradition and style in making and designing buildings. So, these commercial buildings must be incorporated with the perfect supplies. The supplies which can be needed in its building are quite a few, including the cost of the marble. Carpets, vinyl coverings, wood flooring, are all cheap compared to the terrazzo or every other marble so, people choose to go for them moderately than choosing a costly choice. So, to assemble a new mosque, church, etcetera, the terrazzo is the only option for the constructor. The great Muslim Mughal emperors used terrazzo of their temples and constructing of curiosity. This provides to the beauty of the building. Plus, with cellular gambling, you’ll be able to place your bets on the go each time and wherever.

Introducing Online Gambling

Introducing Online Gambling

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Two more casino operators in Pennsylvania have received approval to offer online gambling. The Board authorized the govt director’s motion, and it will use updated tips to oversee the application and approval course of going forward. An up-to-date policy concerning leftover licenses also emerged, permitting operators exterior of the state to pursue PA interactive gaming permits. In the listening to, Penn additionally revealed an up-to-date partnership structure for PA interactive gaming price noting. The assembly opened with the two petitions for interactive gaming. GQ’s can submit their petitions for interactive gaming between Oct. 15-30, and all accepted functions will go into a box. Eleven of the thirteen casino licensees have applied for interactive gaming permits up to now, with Meadows and Lady Luck being the odd ones out.

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