FUT 21: The New European Champion Has 16 Years Old

FUT 21: The New European Champion Has 16 Years Old

On February 21, the third European qualifier of the FUT 21 global series was played, leaving the German xMusti19 as champion in the Xbox category and the Dutch Levi de Weerd in the Playstation category, both classified to represent Europe in the following phase.

Among the participants in the Playstation category, there were experienced players such as the Spanish pro players AndoniiPM from the Movistar Raiders team, Adriman from DUX Gaming and the new Spanish revelation in FUT also belonging to DUX, Neat.

In this qualifier, we also had the opportunity to appreciate other great players, including DPeixoto7 from TeamBDS, and Tom from team HashTag United, who was a finalist in the tournament.

The most exciting match, we had it in the grand final when Levi vs Tom faced each other, giving the spectators two matches full of goals and quality. In the first leg, Tom showed superiority and forcefulness by winning with a score of 3 to 1, however, few imagined what we were about to observe in the return game. It was at minute 25, when Levi would define with a cross shot and score the first goal of the game. Neymar would be the author of the second goal when he with a shooting feint scored at the first post, tying the overall score 3 to 3.

Luck was also present at minute 70, when Neymar took advantage of a rebound inside the area and would score his third goal of the game giving Levi the advantage on the scoreboard.

To end the great comeback, in a perfectly executed counterattack, Cristiano Ronaldo defined with a low shot inside the area to score the final 4-0 and finish with a 5-3 aggregate, to thereby give Levi the championship of the tournament, plus series points and a $ 15,000 prize pool.

“I can’t describe this feeling … guys I want to thank you for the great support!” was the message Levi shared on his Twitter account at the end of the tournament.

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(Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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